Specialist Orthodontic Techniques explained

Headgear, functional appliances, mini impants and accelerated orthodontics

Headgear and Functional Appliances

Favicon 18 px Headgear is orthodontic equipment that is worn on the head and attached to the appliances being used in the mouth. These appliances are used in growing faces to alter the amount or direction of growth of either the upper or lower jaws.

Dr Lesley used a protraction mask and a fixed upper expander for 15 months. The change in this young girl’s profile is obvious.

Dr Lesley used a protraction mask and a fixed upper expander for 15 months. The change in this young girl’s profile is obvious.

These appliances modify growth and correct an imbalance of the jaw relationship or the facial proportions and the profile.

They are only used when there is an imbalance and we wish to minimise the full effect of an unfavourable growth pattern. They can be used for narrow palates to widen the upper jaw, to enhance lower or upper jaw growth or restrict jaw growth. They are used before braces in growing children to change jaw alignment.

The benefit is they can produce a permanent change in facial relationships and minimise further treatment and in some cases they can prevent the need for surgery. They are usually used for 1 or 2 years in an early phase of treatment and the costs vary but are between $1000 and $2500.  A full consultation with Dr Lesley will let you if your child would benefit from the use of headgear or functional appliances.

Mini implants or Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD)

Sunshine coast orthodontics pandanus icon A small screw is inserted into the bone so that orthodontic forces applied between the screw and the teeth are resisted by the bone. The screw acts as an anchor and only the teeth on the other end of the force are moved. The force is generated by either elastics or wires.

minidentalanglecollageThe great benefit of using a TAD is that only the teeth that need to be moved are moved and this is done in a specific direction. This gives the orthodontist absolute control of tooth movement. It often means we do not need to use other forms of anchorage e.g. headgear and in some cases we can work in only one arch alone and not both upper and lower as was once the case. They have eliminated the need for surgery in some cases.

TAD’s are simple to insert it only takes a few minutes usually a small local injection is used but sometimes topical anaesthetics are used. They are also easy to remove with no need of analgesia. They are an additional cost for the treatment of approximately $1500.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

Favicon 18 px This is a relatively new technique which utilises the inflammatory effects of surgery on bone to cause a rapid turn-over of bone minerals and create a lower density of the bone which enables rapid movement of teeth roots through the bone.

Dr Lesley was able to use accelerated osteogenics to bring about this change in just 14 months

Dr Lesley was able to use accelerated osteogenics to bring about this change in just 14 months.

By combining limited surgical trauma to the bone with the more frequent orthodontic adjustments the treatment can be shortened by 50% – 66%.

The benefits are shorter treatment times with the ability to enhance the amount of bone adjacent to the roots if needed.

It takes between 1 and 3 hours of surgery shortly after the braces have been placed. The cost of the surgery depends on the extent of the surgery and the need of additional bone etc., generally it is  between $2000 and $5000.

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